The 10th Belle II collaboration meeting is held on November 16(Wed), 17(Thr), 19(Sat) and 20(Sun), 2011 at KEK


To register, please fill the 10th B2GM registration form
If you have trouble to access the registration page, please send your family and given name, affiliation, country, position (staff/student), e-mail address, attendance at/absece from the Ground-Breaking Ceremony, and the date of your arrival at/depature from KEK to the Belle secretariat (FAX number and e-mail address can be found here).

Ground Breaking Ceremony

During the 10th Belle II Collaboration Meeting, we will have the Ground Breaking Ceremony on November 18 (Fri) at KEK.

Following the KEK roadmap, the KEKB accelerator will be upgraded in 3~4 year to reach an initial target luminosity of 8 x 1035 cm-2s-1. This meeting is expected to be an important step towards finalizing the design of the Belle-II spectrometer.

Belle II SVD Barrel part

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